Paradigm Zine x Fall Issue '21

Y'all in for a lucky treat. Go scope out our interview the homies at Paradigmzine did on our brand. We go into full detail of our backstory and our origin. You can also get a glimpse of some really awesome bands and brands we support. Huge shoutout to Kari for hooking it up with some hard copies, we'll be shipping out a zine while supplies last. Only 400 of these zines were created. Go support their page on IG @paradigmzine, and check out their website for updated content every season!!


If you made it this far, we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. Seriously, running a small business takes a large amount of work. Shoutout to everyone who rocks with us <3


Brand Roundup: PCP.Co, All Bite No Bark, Satan's Spahn Designs — Paradigm Zine